Wednesday, October 21, 2009
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RADIO ADS Hit the Airwaves

I am happy to report that a major effort is being made to move voters to REJECT the Domestic Partnership legislation. Feel free to forward these ads to anyone who might benefit from them: These ads (also available for download at General Election) were produced and paid for by a $200,000 contribution from Family Policy Institute of Washington (FPIW). Until the FPIW made its contribution, only $60,000 had been spent in support of traditional marriage.

Rarely do you see this type of effort being made from our side of the issue. I hope you will consider joining the FPIW in helping to finance this effort!

The ads are part of an effort to communicate a convincing message to people who may not be with us. If you would like to be a part of this effort, please contact FPIW and contribute to the campaign. You can designate your money for radio ads aimed at bringing more people to vote with us.

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2009 Washington State

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pastor Joe's personal
endorsements* posted at

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Together, we can make a difference!



* A personal message from Pastor Joe:Dr. Joseph B. Fuiten

Dear Friends,

The endorsements posted at are my personal recommendations. Neither my Church nor my denomination endorses candidates.

I personally make endorsements because people know that my life purpose is to turn people to righteousness and that I want to see that righteousness expressed in public life. My voting recommendations have that goal in mind, although it is imperfectly expressed in the political arena. Here is my general rationale:

I recommend Christians who have a demonstrated competence, are conservative, and seem to have some capacity for governance. If nobody rises to that level, I will choose a conservative. If there are no conservatives available, I will generally recommend the Republican.

Other times I make a recommendation of someone who doesn't meet any of the above because I have a personal relationship with the person or have some other means of getting a hearing with them if need be. Sometimes I don't recommend anyone for a position. Most importantly, I make no claim as to the will of God on my recommendations. If you want to add insight on any recommendation, I am always glad to get an email with your thoughts.

Yours for the Kingdom,

Pastor Joe
Dr. Joseph B. Fuiten is the senior pastor of Cedar Park Church in Bothell, Washington, and he is the former president of Positive Christian Agenda. Currently, Pastor Fuiten serves on the Board of Directors for the Family Policy Institute of Washington, an associate organization of Focus on the Family.