Friday, January 23, 2009
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Danille Turissini, publicist
Don't Overlook the Good News!

Dr. Joseph B. Fuiten
Dear Friends,

Bad news should not overwhelm good news! When it comes to the issues of life, it is not all bad news.  Earlier this month I hosted the "Positive Christian Agenda" meeting.  I came away very impressed with the high quality work being done by the pro-life side in ways you might not expect.  Let me give you examples.

Attorney Kristen Waggoner opened the pro-life section talking about the lawsuit she is litigating in behalf of the Stormans family in pursuit of the rights of conscience. Planned Parenthood worked through the Governor's office to coerce the State Board of Pharmacy to require pharmacists to dispense Plan B, a drug that can destroy human life.  We feel pharmacists should retain the right of conscience as private business people to be able to carry whatever products they wish their store to carry. The work that Kristen is doing is excellent and if she is successful will advance the pro-life cause dramatically.

Maria Lancaster discussed what is being done to rescue frozen embryos through Embryo Adoptions Services of Cedar Park.  Since beginning on November 9th, 42 couples are in various stages of being involved with this important ministry. The Seattle Times gave it front page coverage with pictures. The response has been terrific and already we have 42 couples either as donors, recipients, or somewhere in the process. The thinking of many people is being impacted. For more information visit

Dr. Teresa Deisher discussed the work she is doing with her company, AVM Biotechnology in developing and marketing vaccines for children which are not developed using aborted material.  She wants parents to have available to them vaccines not tainted with human DNA or moral objections. This is a cutting edge advance for our cause.

We had Marlene Shirley and Shirley Stoddard present Foster Care. They gave an impassioned plea in behalf of the thousands of children in Washington State who need care. Marlene said her goal for Cedar Park is for 33 families to get involved in Foster Care.  If one family from every church in Washington got involved we would solve this pressing state problem immediately. Click here for more information about the Cedar Park Foster Care Ministry.

Then DiAnna Brannan, director of Christian Homeschool Network spoke of the work being done there. Cedar Park's homeschool program continues to thrive growing by 20% this year.

Judy Jennings, Executive Director for the Washington Federation of Independent Schools, talked about the work being done through private education.  You may know that Cedar Park Christian Schools has become the largest Evangelical School System in North America.

As the meeting continued on it became very clear that a lot of really good things are happening that affirms life in the womb and affirms the family once kids are born. I think we all felt there were many reasons to be positive. We have a great team of dedicated and gifted people.

I have created a PowerPoint presentation that Igave to our church recently on a Sunday night that highlights the difference between a culture of death and a culture of life. Please email Danille if you're interested in receiving a digital copy of the PowerPoint. It's a good outline that you can use to tout the good news about life, and not be overwhelmed by the bad news!

Presentation Sunday, Sun., January 25, 2009

Joe Fuiten celebrates Presentation Sunday.This Sunday at Cedar Park we will be praying for infertile couples.  This is one of the most remarkable set of services you will ever see.

For the last twenty one years, I have conducted this special prayer service for couples dealing with infertility. In recent years churches all across the region and around the world are also praying for infertile couples this Sunday.

The services feature the testimonies of success from previous years followed by prayer for those desiring to have children. For me, the service is about love, prayer, and support.

Every couple comes to the service with some level of frustration because their efforts to get pregnant have failed. They need encouragement and support. Many have spent substantial amounts of money on fertility treatments. Some have almost given up hope seeing prayer as their last option. Not everyone finds the miracle they hope for but many say they have received their answer to prayer.

This year I am also going to highlight our embryo adoption services and the foster care programs because I think they are some of the ways that God answers couple's prayers.

Yours for the Kingdom,

Pastor Joe 

Dr. Joseph B. Fuiten is the senior pastor of Cedar Park Church in Bothell, Washington, and he is the former president of Positive Christian Agenda. Currently, Pastor Fuiten serves on the Board of Directors for the Family Policy Institute of Washington, an associate organization of Focus on the Family.