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Gregoire's "People" Ignore the Score
- Embryonic Stem Cell Research = 0
- Adult Stem Cell Research = 78

Are they intentionally misrepresenting the situation or just ignorant of the scientific facts?



- Dr. Joseph B. Fuiten (425) 770-5220
- Theresa Deisher, PhD, AVM Biotechnology
(206) 906-9922

Dr. Joseph B. Fuiten A statement by Dr. Joseph B. Fuiten:

BOTHELL, Washington - "People for Chris Gregoire, Democrat, Governor" have released two new misleading TV ads attacking Dino Rossi using the topic of embryonic stem cell research (ESCR).

One of the ads portrays a man suffering with Parkinson's disease (watch); the other a mother pleading for the life of her 10 year old son, diagnosed at age two with Type I Diabetes (watch). Both ads say Dino Rossi "was wrong to oppose ESCR because of his personal views".  In each case, if Dino had only supported embryonic stem cell research, they would have a hope of being cured.

I can't judge motives so I am left to wonder if the people for Chris Gregoire are intentionally misrepresenting the situation or are just ignorant of the scientific facts. Whether they are dishonest or uninformed the ads are a new low in this campaign.

The truth is that embryonic stem cell research holds almost no promise for being successfully applied. Dino Rossi does not oppose stem cell research. He only opposes the ineffective and harmful application of embryonic stem cells! His scientifically informed view is that cures are found in adult stem cell research. It is well known among informed people that adult stem cells have demonstrated considerable promise while embryonic stem cells have great risk of tumors. [1] [2]

There are good reasons why there are no human clinical trials presently underway using embryonic stem cells. It is not because such trials are banned, or because Dino has imposed his personal beliefs. There are no current trials using embryonic stem cells because they have proven to be failures. Too many tumors that can't be controlled are the fatal flaw of embryonic stem cells. [3]

The Gregoire ads are cruelly misleading. That poor mother wants her kid to be well. Apparently, the Gregoire campaign has told the mother that embryonic stem cells might make her child well.  She is so worked up over the false information that she is crying on TV. It is a cold-hearted politician who will mislead a mother into such an emotional state only to use her pain for a few more votes.

The misleading ads are easily answered by one very important clarification. [4]

There are two kinds of stem cell research:

1) Embryonic stem cell research has not cured anything and has no current human trials simply because the method produces tumors.

2) Adult stem cell research has generated seventy-eight cures and treatments for all kinds of diseases.  As a result, there are 1200 human clinical trials currently underway.  Besides the success, it is relatively affordable.

The Gregoire campaign is trying to accuse Dino of imposing his personal beliefs on poor folks who just want to live. The truth is Dino's opposition to using human embryos for research respects life too much to destroy it in two ways. He doesn't want to harm children and adults with tumors that inevitably come from embryonic stem cells and he doesn't want to harm the embryo.

Every embryo that Gregoire wants to destroy for research has the potential to be a viable person, just like you or me, when born. The fact that the embryo is a very early stage of human life doesn't make it fundamentally different from a child, a teenager, or an old person. These are just names given to stages of human existence. Being "the least of these" does not make them less human.

We respect what God has said in Psalm 139:13-16:

"For You formed my inward parts;
You covered me in my mother's womb.
I will praise You, for I am fearfully
and wonderfully made; marvelous are
Your works, and that my soul knows very well.
My frame was not hidden from You, when
I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought
in the lowest parts of the earth.
Your eyes saw my substance,
being yet unformed. And in Your book
they all were written, the days fashioned
for me, when as yet there were none of them."

Life is precious, and worthy of respect.

A life, no matter how small, is not a commodity to be traded and fought over. It is particularly offensive when human pain is exploited for political gain. Gregoire should immediately pull the ads and apologize to Rossi for misrepresenting his position. She should also apologize for misleading the public on this important scientific topic.  We are a state that leading the nation in adult stem cell research. It is embarrassing for our state to be represented by such a low level of scientific understanding.

For further background, I suggest you watch KCTS Connects: Stem Cell Research, a program we did with Ron Reagan and Dr. Theresa Deisher, a leading expert on stem cells. (Watch)

-- Footnotes --
[1] http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/health/article1637528.ece
[2] http://www.leaderu.com/science/stemcelltestimony_turner.html
[3] http://www.stemcellresearch.org/
[4] http://www.stemcellresearchfacts.com/

Dr. Joseph B. Fuiten is the senior pastor of Cedar Park Church in Bothell, Washington, and he is the former president of Positive Christian Agenda. Currently, Pastor Fuiten serves on the Board of Directors for the Family Policy Institute of Washington, an associate organization of Focus on the Family.